Moeller GmbH

Snap hooks • Rope & chain accessories • Fasteners • Saddlery supplies • Load securing • Fittings of all kinds and much more.

We are an internationally active wholesale company established 1999, which imports goods made of zinc die casting, iron, steel, brass, aluminum and plastic from the Far East and Europe to distribute them to the specialized, retail and wholesale trade. Customer-oriented action and service are our first priority.

The articles in our product range we can deliver to you mostly immediately from stock. The product range contains the following main focuses:

• Snap hooks
• Rings, buckles, sliders, loops
• Chains, chain links, S-hooks, shackles
• Rope accessories
• Fasteners
• Eye bolts, ring nuts, eyebolts, crib rings (bar rings)
• Load securing
• spring cotter pin, linch pins, tubular linch pins, focus needles
• Other
• Remaining stock / Special sale

In addition, we are able to quote special products (according to technical drawing or sketch) manufactured by our partners in the Far East or Europe, depending on your wishes, as well as to fulfill special requests (packaging/label/blister etc.). We also offer the possibility to place blanket orders in order to guarantee our customers the highest degree of planning security.

Our customer base is broadly diversified, ranging from start-ups, craft businesses, retailers and wholesalers to large corporations. Customer satisfaction has top priority.

Our offer is directed only to tradesmen, end users we gladly forward to our customers.

With kind regards

Your team of Möller Verbindungselemente GmbH





Public holidays/bridge days

Dear customers,

we would like to inform you that we will be closed on May 9th (Ascension Day) and 10th,2024,
May 20th, 2024 (Whit Monday), as well as on May 30th (Corpus Christi) and 31st, 2024.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your Möller Verbindungselemente GmbH team

All the best for 2024

The Möller team would like to wish you
a peaceful, successful and, above all, healthy new year 2024.

Personnel change / Feb. 27th, 2023

Dear customers,

to our regret, Mr. Frenzen has left us after more than 12 years of
to look for a new challenge.
We wish him all the best for his future.

His position will be taken over immediately by our new colleague
Jacqueline Wacker, whom we warmly welcome.

Please send your orders from now on to
Mrs. Wacker (
or as usual to, thank you very much.

With kind regards
Möller Verbindungselemente GmbH

Delivery delays / price increases

March 26th, 2021
Dear customer,

currently, we are receiving new "bad news" almost daily regarding delayed deliveries. Therefore we would like to inform you
that all delivery dates for ordered Far East goods can currently only serve as approximate guidelines.

The reasons for the sometimes severe delays in delivery are manifold and connected with frequent changes of the
departure- and arrival-times of container ships, as well as the repeated reallocation of LCL-containers at the ports.
The information provided by the logistics companies involved, which used to be quite binding, is currently
due to the above mentioned, unpredictable and partly daily changes, not able to keep up with or able to guarantee.
We can only be certain of an approximate delivery date when we receive the certified freight/shipping documents.

Due to the Corona pandemic, production was shut down all over the world, and there were also disruptions in container shipping.
Disruptions in container shipping - not only the accident in the Suez Canal, but also congestion in ports and bottlenecks in containers.
Now, demand for consumer goods has risen sharply worldwide, trade is on a very expansion course and is now at a higher level than before the pandemic.

This then leads to price increases in addition to sometimes severe delays.
An analysis by the Ifo-Institute shows that prices for container ships have risen enormously with lower capacity have increased.
As a result of the Corona-crisis, some routes are no longer being used as they used to be, as suppliers are concentrating on the main routes.
The market for container ships was therefore not agile enough to adapt to the upward movement in world trade.

In addition, three companies or alliances virtually control 83 percent of the entire market, which is a huge
concentration. Freight costs have more than doubled within the last 12 months!

This, together with the current shortage of raw materials, which is also due to rising demand,
is causing product prices to rise extremely.

We regret the current development very much and hope that the bottleneck effect at the ports will soon be
and the world market will run smoothly again. Until this is the case, we ask for your understanding,
as we have no influence on the above mentioned factors.

Should bottlenecks arise due to delays in delivery or even product downtimes threaten,
we will be pleased to assist you with the request and handling of an airfreight.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With kind regards
Möller Verbindungselemente GmbH